Thursday, 7 November 2013

Development Update #1 - Beginnings

So, this is the start of my blog to my newest game, Keep Sane. I posted several links to the game on my H game dev blog for Resident Evil: Progeny, but have decided to separate this from the other blog.

What is 'Keep Sane'?

Keep Sane is a psychological horror game. I will be making both a H and a non-H version. The game is strictly 18+

What can I expect from 'Keep Sane'?

The game will contain an in-depth narrative, with the aim of immersion and empathy with the main character. The HUD in the game is minimal, weapons are scarce, and enemies are deadly.

Other features of this game (will) include:

- Dynamic lighting
- Dynamic fluid for 'Tainted Ground'
- Choices throughout the game leading to multiple endings

 Where can I download the game?

The latest version (07.11.2013) can be downloaded HERE